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M Machine Tap Straight flute, Internal Coolant
Ordering number: 7182363

Straight flute tap with chamfer form C with a 2-3xP plug lead, for ISO-Metric thread M12 with 1.75 mm pitch and 6HX class of fit, dimensions according to DIN 376 standard with 9.0mm shank and 7.0mm square drive, solid carbide with Super-B coating for 2.5xD blind hole threading in gray cast-iron

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Product Feature

Special TiAlN Coating (+ WC/C)

Thread Form, Metric Coarse

DIN 376 – Thread Form Standard

DIN Thread Pitch Diameter Tolerance Zone (with increased pitch diameter)

Blind Hole Application

2.5×D Usable Tool Depth to Diameter Ratio

Hard Material (Solid Carbide)

Semi-Bottoming Tap Chamfer (2 – 3 Pitch Lead)

Straight Flute Geometry

Right Hand Rotation / Cutting

Through Tool Coolant – Axial Exit

Product Detail
EAN number7320760706367
Thread diameter size (TDZ)12
Product number (SAP)86031160
Ordering code ANSIT201M12
Threading length - millimeter (THL)23 mm
Gross weight - grams103
Thread pitch - millimeter (TP)1.75 mm
Connection diameter - millimeter (DCON MS)9 mm
Overall length - millimeter (OAL)110 mm
Flute count (NOF)4
Clamping width - millimeter (WSC)7 mm
Clamping Length - millimeter (LSC)10 mm
Premachined hole diameter - millimeter (PHD)10.4 mm
Cutting Conditions