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End Mill
Material ID: 8030290

Short series End mill with 3 flutes, diameter 10mm with 22mm length of cut and 70mm overall length, according to DORMER standard with a 10mm plain shank, solid carbide with bright finish, 40° helix with differential pitch and 13° rake angle for shoulder milling, slot milling and helical milling in non-ferrous metals

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Product Feature

Bright (uncoated)

Hard Material (Solid Carbide)

Non-ferrous Cutter Type for Soft Malleable Materials

Cut Length, Short

40° Helix Angle (Flute)

DIN 6535 HA Cylindrical Shank

h9 – Industry Standard Tool Tolerance Zone (based on diameter range)

Radial, Diagonal, Axial

Dormer Standards

Number of Flutes = 3 (teeth) differential pitch

Product Operation

Shallow Shoulder Milling - Primary use

Deep Shoulder Milling - Primary use

Plunge Milling - Possible use

Shallow Slot Milling - Primary use

Deep Slot Milling - Possible use

Ramping - Primary use

Helical Interpolation - Primary use

Product Detail
EAN number7320760950128
Product number (SAP)86038230
Ordering code ANSIS65010.0
Gross weight - grams74
Cutting diameter - millimeter (DC)10 mm
Connection diameter - millimeter (DCON MS)10 mm
Overall length - millimeter (OAL)70 mm
Depth of cut maximum - millimeter (APMX)22 mm
Flute count (NOF)3
Radial rake angle (GAMF)13
Features & benefits
  • Micrograin Carbide providing extreme hardness and wear resistance providing increased tool life when machining difficult materials
  • Suited for precision and high-speed machining of aluminium parts in air frame assembly, automotive applications and die and mold, particularly for prototyping.
  • A three-flute design for smooth cutting action and reduced stress on the spindle.
  • Differential pitch to reduce vibration and maximize productivity and tool life.
  • Specifically designed to provide a high performance and quality surface finish on aluminium and its alloys.
Cutting Conditions