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2CT 90 402 N2CT 90 402 N

Boring System - Cartridge
Material ID: 6760873

Boring head cartridge for boring head size 68 with 90° approach angle for finishing, to hold a CN.. 1204.. L insert

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Product Detail
EAN number3603602962195
Product number (SAP)86005335
Ordering code ANSI2CT 90 402 N
Gross weight - grams70
Functional width - millimeter (WF)22.5 mm
Bohring - cartridge screwUS 0616
Borhing - cartridge keyHXK 5
Bohring related insertsCN.. 1204.. L
Bohring - insert mounting screwUS 0613-H25
Bohring - insert mounting screwdriverHXK 2.5
Bohring - adjusting keyHXK 2
Functional length - millimeter (LF)35 mm
Bohring - adjusting screwUS 0430
Boring Cartridge Size2CT
Net weight - grams70